Herrin Massacre Update on Vacating Court Order

The latest on what is taking place as a result of the June 10th Herrin city council meeting…

The council will direct city attorney John Brewster to vacate the court order at the next meeting on June 24th. This will allow us to start checking lots in block 15 of the Herrin city cemetery for previous unmarked graves, in what was at one time the “potter’s field”. We have a disinterment-reinterment permit signed by the family of Ignas Kubinas (one of the massacre victims) and his remains will be located and exhumed. He will then be sent back to Chicago and buried with his family. Anton Molkovich, the decorated veteran of World War One, will be located and his marker replaced. The city attorney was asked by the Comptroller of the State of Illinois to vacate the court order and put a temporary stay of internment on block 15 back in December of 2011. This was not done. However, now that the city council has been made aware of the problem, it will be done…. Vic Ritter (Mayor of Herrin) has ignored the problem for a long as he could… The adults ( city council) are in charge now and will see that the right thing is done for the citizens of Herrin and the veterans (and others) that lie in un-marked graves in block 15. I have included the court order for you to examine that the city council will order John Brewster to have vacated. I will keep you posted on this blog of the latest developments.